Luke Tenery





Luke Tenery is a Senior Managing Director and the Cybersecurity Practice Leader at Ankura Consulting Group, located in the Chicago, IL office. He has more than 15 years of experience in handling complex cyber issues covering investigations and forensics, data privacy and security, and security management. Mr. Tenery has an extensive background in leading cyber incident response and investigations into a wide array of active and emergent cybersecurity threats while leveraging industry best practices and relevant threat intelligence capabilities. He also has extensive experience in applying cybersecurity risk management leadership in threat and incident management, cybersecurity operations, security policy development, and IT project management and implementation, among others.

Prior to joining Ankura, Mr. Tenery served at a global risk management and investigations firm where he most recently rose to deputy cyber practice leader, as well as leading another cyber practice group covering incident response. He was regularly called upon to mitigate complex computer intrusion and breach matters through investigation and to devise strategies to contain and eradicate threats in client networks and systems. Mr. Tenery was also responsible for aligning and developing practice capabilities and offerings to respond to and mitigate current and emergent cyber risks and threats.