Mark Gershon is a real estate attorney with extensive experience in commercial, energy, industrial, retail and residential development, governmental approvals, conveyance and financing. For more than 25 years, he has successfully obtained land use, zoning and other local, state, and federal government and regulatory approvals, and has negotiated and documented a wide range of projects including:

  • Business and industrial parks
  • Shopping centers
  • REITs and Joint Ventures
  • Wind farms and other renewable energy projects and facilities
  • Peak and base load energy plants
  • Transmission and utility projects
  • Residential and mixed use developments
  • Remediation and Brownfields
  • Multistory above and below ground parking garages and parking lots
  • Specialty projects such as corporate relocations, outdoor amphitheaters, and radio towers

Mark’s clients range from Fortune 50 and international companies to mid-size corporations, as well as from national and regional real estate and energy companies to small family held businesses and municipalities. His projects for those clients range from individual site developments to leading the teams on multi-billion dollar REIT’s and other projects including 100’s of properties across the United States.

He has facilitated the establishment of public-private partnerships, obtained governmental incentives including tax increment financing and sales tax rebate agreements, and brought together governmental, business, and community organizations to enable development of blighted, environmentally, and financially challenged, and previously undevelopable, projects ranging from former refinery and other brownfield sites to deteriorating downtown areas, foreclosed office complexes, and commercial projects.

Additionally, Mark has been directly involved in many of the largest regional industrial, office parks, and energy projects in the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as numerous retail, hotel, entertainment, and residential venues. He has obtained governmental approvals and incentives, negotiated financing, operating agreements and shared parking agreements and established vertical subdivisions and condominiums for mixed use projects and parking facilities for developers, owners, users and governmental bodies. In difficult economic times, he has worked with governmental entities, lenders, developers, and property owners to restructure transactional and governmental approvals to establish and implement strategy enabling the successful development of challenged projects.

Mark has extensive experience in property analysis and coordination of all aspects of public and private project development including site investigation, code analysis and project strategy, negotiation of conveyance, acquisition, leasing, joint venture, finance documentation, and coordination of project teams including developers, architects, contractors, land planners, environmental, sound, and other land use consultants. In projects ranging from infill development in established metropolitan areas to regional wind farms covering tens of thousands of acres, Mark has successfully brought together the project teams and strategy necessary to address community and governmental concerns while satisfying the demands of governmental regulatory agencies and lenders.